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Since 1981 we have been leaders in the Sportfishing World.  In 2002, we introduced the Condor and have been at the forefront ever since.  We continue to grow, adapt and modernize our methods and equipment to stay atop of an ever changing industry.

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The Condor

2838 Garrison St
San Diego, California

Call (619) 221-8500

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DISCOVER Your Fishing Platform

At 90’ and 26’ wide the Condor is the largest and most spacious 1-5 day boat in the fleet.

  • All steel construction and modern design assures a safe and comfortable ride.
  • Low to the water design for the best fishability
  • Upper deck seating for 30+ and benches around the cabin make for plenty of seating for all
  • Large modern galley with seating for 27
  • Air conditioning thru out
  • Large shower and dressing room
  • Two bathrooms protected from the elements (no walking to the bow on a wet deck)
  • 250+ scoops bait capacity
  • The best in fish finding and navigational equipment
  • Inspected annually by the U.S. Coast Guard

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